It rained all day today — long, hard rain that soaked through my sweater and ran in rivulets down my shirt. Lucky for me I have these two gutters on my chest to catch all the water. After feeling sorry for myself for not having a fireplace, or even a gas stove to warm my hands by, I decided to change the background on my computer to this:

It's not as good as the real thing, but it will do for now.

I feel antsy, pacing back and forth in my apartment, having to turn every three steps because the space is so small. Moira cheered me up a bit by telling me Jon thought I was prettier than the women on the TV. A lie, but one out of love. She could tell you your butt was bigger than an elephant's and if she said it with a smile on her face and the slight tilt of her head, you would say thank you.

Maggie has begun to develop my clumsiness. On her science in nature field trip she lost her balance and took a dive in a creek in Pullman. Jon had to drive out there with dry clothes. If we had barstools she would fall off of them.

I will post some pictures tomorrow. We are going to the UI Women's Rugby Black Widow Ball- a fundraiser where the team plays a match against alumni while wearing prom dresses. It should lend itself to some really great photos.