With the advent of the New Year people everywhere are making resolutions. I've noticed the majority of resolutions are to encourage people to do things like lose weight, become organized, find a new job, go back to school or finish that great American novel they started.
I think this year instead of a resolution of what to do I will make a resolution not to do certain things.
So here is my list of things I resolve not to do in 2010.
I resolve not to:
1. Give in to the '80s trend and wear leg warmers.
2. Watch any of the Twilight movies.
3. Use non-stick pans.
4. Look at the nutritional value of my favorite cookies before I eat.
5. Watch commercials (unless they are extremely funny).
6. Update my Facebook obsessivly every two minutes from my phone.
7. Ask my husband how his day was when I already know the answer (bad).
8. Set up a Twitter account.
9. Scream obscenities at the basketball refs during the UI games.
10. End any sentences with prepositions.
11. Stress bake.
12. Buy cereal that I wouldn't even eat if I was a health nut.
13. Find amusement in other's misery (there may be some exceptions).
14. Write columns about family members (unless I can conceal their identity so thoroughly even I don't recognize them).
15. Buy anything from a late night infomercial (which I won't see anyway because I'm not watching commercials anyway).
16. Attend beginning band concerts without ear plugs.
17. Help my daughter with homework until I have taken a mild sedative.
18. Spend more on fast food than on produce.

...to be continued...