I saw this story posted today by the Associated Press and was impressed at how they incorporated chain saws, environmental protection, poodles, squirrels and humor all into one short story.

NC dog that nursed squirrels is doing OK

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Published: 31 minutes ago

In a Friday, March 26, 2010 photo, a trio of baby squirrels nurse on Pixie, a poodle owned by Gail Latta, in Henderson, N.C. the baby squirrels were left homeless in North Carolina when the tree they lived in was felled by a chain saw. Pixie still had milk after giving birth to her first litter of puppies a few months ago. After being nursed to five weeks, the squirrels were taken Saturday to a federal animal rehabilitation specialist who will continue raising them until they are ready to be released. (AP Photo/Daily Dispatch, Ashley Steven Ayscue)
OXFORD, N.C. (AP) - After three baby squirrels lost their tree-home to a chain saw, they found a foster mom in a 4-year-old toy poodle named Pixie.
Dog owner Gail Latta said she tried unsuccessfully to feed the squirrels canned milk. Then the North Carolina woman turned to Pixie, who had recently had her own pups. They had been sold, but Pixie could still nurse. Pixie treated the foster squirrels like her own babies.
After two weeks, the squirrels were old enough to be weaned, and they had to go. Latta said she learned she might be violating state regulations by keeping wildlife in her home.
Latta said Pixie seemed a little upset when the squirrels were sent Saturday to an animal rehabilitation specialist, but she's OK. Dog biscuits seemed to help Pixie's recovery.