Today I found myself walking between interviews and classrooms with a Pokemon pedometer attached to my pocket. It sounds a lot less pathetic than it actually is. My son bought a new game for his Nintendo DSi. It is a Pokemon game that encourages kids to walk by including a pedometer that trains your Pokemon based on the number of steps you take.

So, my son thought it would be a good idea to let me train his Pokemon since I walk just about everywhere. And I agreed. Either I am an incredibly supportive and wonderful mother or I am a big huge sucker. I think it's the latter. Now my son gets to make his mom look like a dork and gain points for his game all at the same time.

What was I thinking?  On a more positive note, I have already walked 8,000 steps and my day has just started. Go mom!!!!

****Side note: I think I may begin referring to myself as a personal trainer. I don't have to mention I'm a trainer of Pokemon.

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