The Police Women of Memphis is a wonderful show. I just watched a police officer go to a woman's home because she was worried about her 12-year-old grandson that lives with her. When the police officer arrived the grandson had just come home from hanging out with some men across the street that may or may not be involved in ganges.

The police woman, a tall African-American, told the kid about all he was doing wrong and that she didn't want to come back and have to make a report over his 12-year-old dead body. Then (now this is the best part) she turned to the grandma and asked her what chores she had for him. Then she proceeded to tell the kids to get his butt in the other room and start vacuuming. He leaves and she says, "I don't hear no vacuum." Then the vacuum comes on and the kid starts to do his chores. She was awesome.

I need a police woman of Moscow who will come make my kids do their chores.