Two slices of chocolate chip banana bread, with layers of Nutella, bananas, and marshmallow creme sandwiched in between, dipped in cake batter and deep-fried, then dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in toasted almonds and coconut.
(Submitted by Pearl Hurst) From the website This is Why You're Fat

On a daily basis I go to bed thinking, "Tomorrow I am going to eat better and exercise more and maybe lose some of the fat I've gained in the last few years eating like a 20-something undergraduate with self-esteem issues." Problem is, the next morning I get up, look at the beautiful sunny day that is very appealing for an early morning walk, and close my curtains. I choose instead sit at my desk eating 'Nilla Wafers as I work, sure the pounds will just decide they don't like me one day. It doesn't help that I come across some of my favorite blogs  with posts like these:

Pie Pops from A Cup of Jo
Banana Bites from Framed
Philadelphia Lemon-Style Ice Cream from Not So Humble Pie

Seriously people, I may have to start following diet blogs. This is getting ridiculous. I figure if I say it on my blog I'll have to actually do it (otherwise I'll have to answer to you all). So, without further procrastination, I am going jogging/speed walking/running/strolling) sometime tonight after I finish work and before I go to bed. I'll let you know how it goes. I am easily sidetracked, so it could be a very short or very long jog/speed walk/run/stroll.