I have been working on my short story for the Notes From Underground anthology. I have until early December to get it finished. Usually I would wait until late November to work on it, but I decided to try my hand at not procrastinating. Editing can be a very stressful process. You reread your work so much the words become second nature. You either begin to see where you need to make changes, or you get so tired of looking at it you convince yourself it is perfect as it is — even if it isn't.

I have found a bit of inspiration for my work lately. Fall has come to North Idaho and, while I usually work in my office, I have begun to sit in my front room near the two large picture windows. From here I have a perfect view of the neighborhood. I watch people walk by with their dogs, their children and their music. I watch the wind rustle through the trees whose leaves are beginning to turn amazing shades of red and orange. I won't lie, sometimes this view is distracting. But, more often than not, I can visualize my main character and understand how she sees the world. This allows me to write her better, give her more personality and begin to find a way for her to find peace.

I think I'll forgo working at my desk more often.