This is the conversation I had with a tenant at the apartments I work at: (She had just received a notice about clearing the space in front of her door where she had several boxes piled up. Keep in mind she has a very thick Hispanic accent- it helps if you read it aloud with the accent. I think it is much more amusing this way.)

Her: I got da notice you posted on my door and I was all worried. My huband saw it and was like, why haben't you picked up thoe boxes yet?

Me: Everyone received a similar notice. Is there a problem?

Her: Oh, no. I jut tell my huband I had to put da boxes in the ban to take to Goowill. I told him the boxes would go as soon as I put them in the ban. He wah not hoppy wit me. He said we got a notice because I did not keep things clean. Then he got all the boxes and put them in my ban.

Me: Thank you for getting that cleaned up. I appreciate you doing it so quickly.

Her: No prolem. The next time I need my huband to do something could you post a notice on my door? Then maybe he do more than put stuff in my ban for me.

Me: (Trying not to laugh) I'll see what I can do. (Smile...)

This exchange killed me. I still am not sure if she was totally serious or not. I hope she doesn't come to my office tommorow and ask me to post a notice about keeping the floors vacuumed or the dishes washed.

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