I was sorting through old leasing contracts at work today when I took time to really read through the pet agreements.

(Keep in mind I live in North Idaho and the company I work for only has properties in North Idaho and Eastern Washington.)

The pet agreement prohibits tenants from having certain types of animals on the property, including a variety of different dog breeds. Dogs like Rottweilers, Pit Bulls and Chows are not allowed. After this list, is the list of other restricted pets: hawking birds, primates and prairie dogs.

Really? We have to actually put it in writing that you can't have a prairie dog as a pet? (I should probably be just as surprised by the bird and primate provision but, strangely enough, I'm stuck on the prairie dogs.)

They may be cute but they are just squirrels with short tails.

I told Jon this and he reminded me it wouldn't be there if it hadn't been attempted. This goes for the warnings on laundry detergent to not ingest it or on skater's beanies warning they are not a substitute for helmets.