A New Jersey pastor has told his married church leaders they must delete their Facebook pages or resign. He claims he has spent the last six months counseling couples whose relationships have been ruined after one of them had reconnected with an old flame.

You can read the news story here:

After seeing marriages crumble, pastor tells church leaders they can't use Facebook

I have a Facebook account, and it has allowed me to stay in touch with a lot of people I might not have found otherwise. I don't think Facebook is ruining marriages by giving couples a better opportunity to cheat on their spouses. People who are going to cheat will do it with or without Facebook. Facebook may just make them feel less dirty about it because at least they used to have a relationship with the person. People and their stupid choices are at fault, not social networking sites.

Notice I only said Facebook doesn't make people cheat. There are plenty of other ways Facebook can ruin a marriage. For example, I see some of my Facebook friends posting notes on their spouse's wall telling them how wonderful they are and they miss them. It's a little nauseating sometime, but not a bad thing. It's a bad thing when you are sitting side by side on the couch "watching" TV with your iPhone in your hand doing it. It's a bad thing when you start to get tired of sucking up to your spouse all the time and begin to use Facebook as a "Honey Do" list: Take out the trash, wash the dishes, do laundry, make dinner and for heaven's sake, stop leaving your socks all over the living room floor. (Okay, that last bit came from my own frustration, but you get the point.)

How do you feel about Facebook? Do you think social networking sites are making it easier to cheat?