I have been away from my blog for far too long. I started to get itchy fingers this morning and decided there was no time like the present to post.

It's December and the city is filled with snow. Signs of the holiday are everywhere — you can't escape them. From the Christmas music playing in the stores, on the radio and even in the street to the tinseled streetlights and houses dripping with icicle lights.

I have had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit the last few years. Last year, it wasn't until just before Christmas Eve I felt really happy for the holiday. I put up my little tree this weekend, and even though I usually delight in placing the ornaments evenly around the circumference, this year, I let Moira and Maggie do all the decorating. They did a fabulous job. I sat on the couch and watched two, yes two, Hallmark Christmas movies this weekend. They both made me cry (one because of the emotional ending and one because the acting was so terrible). Still, I am not quite ready for the holidays to begin.

Each year we try to do something for someone less fortunate than ourselves. It brings a little humility and always makes us thankful for what we have. Most years we pick a family and do the 12 days of Christmas — leaving them small gifts and home baked goodies. This year, Jon had a different idea. For two weeks out of the month we are not having regular dinners. Instead, we are choosing two countries — the first is Mexico — and eating what those in the poorer regions eat. This week we will be dining on rice and beans (small portions), tortillas and maybe one dinner that involves chicken. The money we would normally spend has been put toward purchasing the items for a few Christmas dinners and miscellaneous non-perishable foods. We will take this all to the food bank this week.

I am grateful my kids don't have to be cajoled into doing this. They know we are blessed and have no problems giving to others. Hopefully, this will put me in the true Christmas spirit and I can enjoy the holiday with my wonderful family knowing we did something for someone else.

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