It's snowing again. After several blissful weeks of no snow and our plow guy for work telling me he was leaving early for his Florida home, a snow storm rolls in. Huge, wet flakes are coating the ground and it seems the city must have retired their snow plows for the year as well, as they are non-existent. I can feel this day slipping further down on the list of my favorite days. I should have stayed in bed.

On a brighter note, we signed Mo up for an after-school program that employs college students to help with homework. Thank goodness. Every afternoon there is a homework melt down in our house and to know I don't have to deal with it three days out of the week is awesome. That makes me sound like a bad mom doesn't it?

I interviewed for an amazing job last week and have yet to hear anything. Pretty sure that is bad news. I meant to call them yesterday but I wasn't in the mood for rejection. I guess I better put my big girl panties on today and do the deed. I'm not sure how much longer I can work in my current job without committing a heinous crime. I have an office assistant now though, which is a tremendous help. She had an interview with a bank the other day and I was happy for her to leave this place before it turned her heart black, but she didn't get the job. Truth be told, I did a little happy dance in my office. I know it's selfish, but this job is a lot easier to take when you can share the misery.