My two short stories have finally come out in print. The Literary Lab's Notes From Underground Anthology is available starting today on Amazon. Here is the link to buy the book in paperback and also in ebook for Kindle.

You can also purchase the book from CreateSpace. A larger percentage of money from CreateSpace purchases goes to the charity — The Writer's Emergency Assistance Fund. So, to help us donate even more money, you can buy books there.

The books are reasonably priced at $10 a piece. I am so excited. I ordered several copies this morning and urge all of you to do the same.

I feel like I have accomplished something huge, and it gives me a little push in the right direction. I am reinvigorated and even feel like I can begin to submit more of my stories for publication. Forget about rejections — I welcome them. I have been writing more lately and might take some time off from work soon to really delve into it.