I uploaded photos from my camera this weekend and found all our pictures from Christmas and basically the last four months or so. I don't know how I have neglected it this long, but I thought I would share some snow photos.

Keep in mind, snow is not a thing of the past here in North Idaho. This last week, just when we though spring had finally started to bring us rain and some sun, it snowed on Friday. I'm crossing my fingers right now that it doesn't happen again until next winter. (It's kind of hard to type with your fingers crossed. They are beginning to cramp, so maybe I should just knock on wood.)

Jon got a little crazy with our snow blower this year and took all the snow in the backyard and blew it into a pile so the kids could sled. Later on, he actually made a maze with the additional snow so you had to weave around our yard to get out the back gate.

Kyle was buried alive at one point:

And of course, you can't go anywhere in the cold without your winter-weather wear. Moira can tell you that:

I know you're thinking she must be cold in shorts, but alas, she has her socks to keep her warm: