I know I've been MIA lately, but I do have some good excuses.

1. We have been moving to a new house - granted, it is only six blocks from our old house, but it is still moving.

2. There has been a truckload of bad crap happening at work and I seem to be the one who always has to clean it up.

3. Kyle has been playing lacrosse and I am usually the practice chauffeur.

4. I'm tired.

5. I got an iPhone 4.

6. I'm slightly depressed- I need to write, but I seem to have no time.

7. Winter is still happening in our little neck of the woods. It's April 21st (my dad's birthday- woo woot) and it is snowing this morning.

Now that I have made my life look sad an pathetic, here is a random picture for you to dwell on. I saw this car in front of me at a stop sign and had to take a picture. I know you can only see it from behind, but take my word for it, it is very cool.