I don’t know what is wrong with me lately, but I have been doing some really stupid stuff. I realize by putting this out there in the universe I am opening myself up to all sorts of ridicule—but it really is too funny to keep to myself.

First embarrassingly stupid thing:
              Jon picks me up from work outside my office building a few minutes after five each day. I am usually out there waiting for him for a minute or two (as I scurry out of the office as soon as the big hand hits the 12). Let me also say, we have recently purchased a new car -- a nice Dodge Durango in a smoky gray. Anyway… yesterday, I was surprised to see Jon with the car idling outside my building when I was leaving. In a hurry to put a long day behind me, I swung open the door, put my bag on the seat and looked up. To my surprise, it was not Jon behind the wheel, but a handsome 60-something stranger. He grinned at me as my face turned red. I apologized, citing that both our cars were similar (on second glance, his looked nothing like our Durango. It was silver and shorter, kind of boxy.). I then did the only thing I knew to do. I leaned in, introduced myself and shook his hand. I then told him it was brilliant to meet him and hoped we didn’t meet in this fashion again.

Second embarrassingly stupid thing: (albeit, not nearly as bad as the first)
              I needed a small trash can for under my desk at work. I use it to put my documents that need to be shredded. I prefer a plastic can with a domed lid and swinging top. I ordered one from Office Depot and had it shipped to the office. I didn’t want the large kitchen size so I ordered the small can. The box arrived today- a large box, big enough for a pretty good size trash can. When I opened it up, it had one very small box inside (kind of like Russian nesting dolls). In the very small box, was an even smaller trash can:

Apparently, I ordered a mini, not a small. It holds 2 quarts, just enough for a few very small confidential documents. I’m pretty sure I will use it when I need to shred tiny letters.