Jon and I have tickets for They Might Be Giants next month. We are so excited to see them in concert again. To get ready, I have been listening to some of my favorite Giant albums. I’ve discovered several lines in those songs I could apply to situations in everyday life.

At work:

“Telephone for Mr. Horrible”
“Someone keeps moving my chair.”
“I’d be fired if that were my job.”

The economy:

“If I was smart, I’d save up for a piece of string and a rock to wind the string around.”

Love life/Dating:

“What’s he like? It’s not important.”
“I could shake my tiny fist and I swear I wasn’t wrong, but what’s the sense in arguing when you’re all alone?”


“Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople.”
“Even old New York was once New Amsterdam.”


“Be what you’re like. Be like yourself.”

If you haven’t listened to They Might Be Giants before, you should now. They are amazing, and they have produced a number of children’s albums as well. My favorite- No!

Follow this link to see their site: They Might Be Giants