I know, astonishing right? Who would have thought they would have prostitutes in a Mexican resort town. Okay, so I am misconstruing a bit. The prostitutes, 19 of them, along with some peacocks, plasma TVs, fighting cocks and marijuana (big surprise there), were confiscated from a Mexican prison in Acapulco. The authorities are not saying how they got there, but they did make sure to add a disclaimer that the peacocks were pets. It was almost as if they were making sure no one thought the peacocks had anything to do with what the prostitutes were doing there, if you catch my drift. Makes you wonder what their excuse was for the roosters and the marijuana.

My life is not nearly as exciting, or as richly furnished, as a Mexican prison. I wouldn't say I am wholly disappointed, but who doesn't want a peacock? It makes me think back to a trip we took with my parents to Peterson Rock Garden in Oregon. There were peacocks roaming the grounds, pretty colorful ones and a few white ones. They were kind of scary though- they looked like they were ready to charge at the drop of a hat or a running child, as it were.

That memory makes me think of my parents, which makes me think of my mom and her blog, which makes me think of my dad who was featured in her blog, which makes me wonder how he still has all his limbs, which makes me think about what I would do if I lost my arms, which makes me think about how I don't do anything that might remove my arms from my body, which then reminds me of what a boring life I lead.

This is a Kardashian, not a prostitute, but it's what I imagine glamorous prostitutes look like (kind of like Pretty Woman).

You can read the whole story (the one about the prison, not the one about my boring life- that one is right here in this blog) here:

Peacocks, prostitutes found in Mexico prison