We had a snow pool at work- and no, unfortunately, it is not actually a pool with snow in it. Although, the thought did cross my mind before it rummaged around and found the real explanation.
I was looking for a picture of snow in kiddie pool and I found baby elephants in a kiddie pool. Much better!

You could pay a quarter for each guess you made on what day the first snow would fall. There were rules as to how many guesses you could make, etc. On Friday, as I was getting to work there was something resembling tiny snowflakes, but it was more like rain than snow. It lasted an hour and then was just cold and a little damp outside the rest of the day. This was called as the "first snow" by the snow pool organizer.

There were so many unhappy people in the office, and a lot of argument over what constitutes snow and whether it was fair to have a winner since there wasn't any on the ground. There was a lot of discussion, wasting a lot of time, and I'm convinced it was merely done to avoid work.

All of this is leading somewhere, I promise. I was warming up my lunch at work after the "snowfall" and one of my co-workers came in to get his lunch from the fridge. He then stood in the kitchen, removed his black work shoes, pulled a pair of snow pants out of a bag and put them over his slacks and then pulled on some heavy-duty hiking shoes. I looked at him, oddly I'm sure, and he explained he was walking over to Ferdinand's for ice cream. Ferdinand's is about a three to five minute walk from our office. There was no snow on the ground, it was barely damp and it wasn't even very cold. I'm still a little confused.

This co-worker seems to do this to me sometimes. Just when I think I have figured him out he goes and pulls snow pants out of his bag. It does make for an interesting work day. I never know what he will say or do next. It's kind of exciting. Perhaps, I should keep a little notebook of his eccentricities and share them here with you. Then it will be as though you were all at work with me- making spreadsheets and editing training manuals.

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