Whose to say a kid wouldn't eat their dog? In some countries they eat dog every day- they don't have turkey.

On a more serious note: As many of you know, PETA and I have a hate-hate relationship. After my first anti-PETA opinion column regarding a summertime advertisement, I recieved very unfriendly letters from a few PETA representatives. Well, no surprise, but they are building my ire once more.

I am always careful to say there is nothing wrong with advocating for animals, but ads like the one above, directed at children, raise my hackles. There are better ways to do this. There has to be.

I encourage anyone who would like to support animal rights to forego a membership with PETA and instead, join the ASPCA. They do a lot of good work and have a lot of good people looking out for the interests of animals.
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