How cool is this room? Courtesy of A Cup of Jo
I love the idea of sleeping under the stars. The first night Jon and I slept in our bedroom in our current house, we got to experience something like the stars overhead.  Our room is built under my daughter's dormer room, and don't ask me why, but the people who fashioned it thought it would be a good idea to put in a drop ceiling. It's an ugly ceiling and I am pretty sure the last tenant thought so also. 

Our first night here we hadn't even set our bed up and were sleeping on a mattress on the floor. We turned off the lights, exhausted from moving, and the ceiling lit up with odd-shaped constellations and what could be mistaken for kind of shooting star. Someone had taken glow in the dark paint and made their own midnight masterpiece.

Almost every night since then when Jon turns off the lights he says something like, "What a clear night, all the stars are out." I laugh, even though I've heard it a thousand times or more, and I go to sleep with a smile on my face (even when the sky outside is so cloudy and gloomy no stars can shine through).