Jon brought home this costume the other day for Moira. I'm not sure what kind of superhero it turns her into, but it sure made her smile.

It reminded me of another child dressed as a superhero--Superwoman, to be exact. When my sister and I were little we made wrist cuffs and a headband out of cardboard and covered them with foil. Using a marker we drew red stars on them. We found a towel for a cape, but we were short a victim. Then my brother Steve toddled by in his diaper-- perfect! My mom has pictures somewhere of Steve
as Superwoman, and I would love copies.

They might come on handy if I ever go into the costume business. I could put them in my portfolio.

Mom, if you're reading this and you know where those pictures are, scan them and send me copies. I will add them to this post as validation that everything I write on my blog is not bologna.;)

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