Yesterday I felt as if my patience and good will were being dangled over the edge of a cliff. Their shoes slipped off into the abyss as sweat dripped from their foreheads. Soon their grip on the edge began to loosen, as their strength depleted and then with one last whoosh, they plunged to their deaths.

I deal with all kinds of people in my line of work, but yesterday everyone I dealt with had some idiosyncrasy that drove me crazy:

The IT guy, who used up more than 2 hours of my time, and kept using the word "hosed" -- For example, "Oh man, the guy who wrote your program must have been so hosed." "If I can't figure this out, your office is so hosed." As if hosed wasn't enough, it was always proceeded by "so".

The colleagues, who despite several degrees and years of experience, can't seem to do anything for themselves.

Then there's the window washer gentleman who seems to have a crush on me and stops me on my way to the bathroom to just see how I'm doing. Well, how I'm doing is about to pee my pants because he is impeding my progress to the toilet. I started to take a different route, but I was discovered.

As you can see, I'm a bit frustrated. It will pass, but until then I have invented 5-minute therapy. Basically it is just five minutes where you are allowed to complain and moan to someone else and they have to keep patient/doctor confidentiality. We'll see how that plays out.

Then again, I suppose that is what I do already on this blog.

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