I never thought I would hear that phrase used to explain away the use of a "bad" word. Let me elaborate:

Last night we were in the car, and I was explaining to Maggie how she has a very expressive face and sometimes she says whatever pops into her head. I was trying to explain how it can be taken the wrong way and offend people. As you can imagine, this did not go over well.

Maggie said, "Fine, so I'm an opinionated prick.". *GASP*

Jon and I both told her she should never use that word. Her reply? "But Harry Potter says it in the 7th book." (I love Harry Potter, and I'm going to say that when English people use it the word doesn't have the same weight. Obviously, I am trying to rationalize it.)

Anyway, Jon asked Maggie if she knew what the word meant. When she
said no, Jon told her it meant "penis". Her only reply: "Oh." said in a slow realization kind of way.

I don't think she'll ever say it again, and I know she'll never live it down. It was a whole week's worth of laughter.