Why is it when I start exercising in earnest I feel more hungry? I know I am burning more calories, but if I eat more, than I have to burn more calories and I can only take so much exercise. And to make matters worse, I have been looking at food porn again. There are so many wonderful food blogs out there. I found  a recipe I want to try this weekend — Nutella mousse. The recipe comes from the blog My Baking Addiction.  They look so pretty and delicious.

Speaking of food, don't you hate it when you eat or drink something expecting it to have a certain flavor or texture and it is completely different? For example, when you take a drink of someone's soda and you think it's Coke, but it's really Root Beer, or vice versa? It makes you pucker your lips and wince. That's how I feel about foods that disguise themselves as something they are not. The mashed potatoes that end up being mashed turnips, the grilled chicken that is really tofu or worse, the ice cream that is really some frozen soy mixture? For all of you who feel the same way I do, this one's for you: