When I am getting ready to hunker down and write, I nest.

The first thing I do is to clean my space. I can't begin to write when my work area is messy. It WILL get messy in the process, but that I can live with.

The next step is to gather my supplies. Each time is a little different depending on what I will be writing and how much reinforcement I think I will need.

The first supplies are always my trusty General's Cedar Pointe Pencils. They get sharpened and put lead side up into a ceramic cup my husband made.

For this particular writing session, my preparation includes my favorite teacup (the one with the magnolias and the gold rim), another piece of my husband's ceramics (a small green pot with a lid to hold the chocolate covered raisins), a bottle of lotion (it is awfully dry this winter), my old Royal typewriter (which I don't actually type my work on, but it inspires me), my Macbook (for when I am ready to take my writing from paper to screen), a small token given to me by my amazing friend Maxine, and last, but not least, 14 candy bars in a variety of flavors (courtesy of my son's band fundraiser -World's Finest Chocolates - which they most definitely are not, but when desperation or writer's block strikes, they will be there).

So, now I am all set up to write and I am doing everything I can to avoid it. Jon and I went out to breakfast, then we ran into some friends and we stood and talked to them for almost an hour. Then, just to procrastinate more, I made Jon go to the pet store where we admired the bunnies and bought a toy for the guinea pig. Now I am sitting at my computer, and instead of writing what I intended, I am posting on my blog.

I really need a good motivator. Do you know anyone I could hire? They have to come with their own tools. Contrary to popular belief, I do not own a whip.