We recently returned from a trip to California. We were visiting my family and a few friends. One of our friends lives down in Los Angeles, and we couldn't miss the opportunity to go to the Farmers Market or LACMA (museum of art). Maggie was the only one of the kids who wanted to go with us, so we let her choose a place to visit. Her choice? Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

She wanted to find her favorite stars and see their handprints. We found a few of her favorite stars- the leads in the Harry Potter films. She got to get down on the concrete and put her hands where Hermione Granger impressed hers.

But, the highlight of the day (for Jon and I, not for Maggie) was when she spied a Marilyn Monroe look alike. When you go downtown there are dozens of people dressed in costume, from Iron Man to Shrek. They all say hello to you, but really they are there to make money. They won't pose with you for a photo unless you give them cash.

Well, Maggie decided to say hello to Marilyn, but the closer we got, the clearer it became she had been exhumed from the grave and given a little makeup. Judge for yourself: Marilyn look alike or old Marilyn wannabe?