I've been receiving an uncharacteristic amount of comments on a few of my blog posts. You can tell the writers do not have English as their first language. They are usually complementing me on my wonderful blog and sometimes ask questions about my background or where I got my information. Rarely do they make a full amount of sense.

It didn't take long to realize the comments were only on posts that had a brand name in the title. The post - My Artificial KitchenAid Mixer - seems to get the most visits. I shouldn't complain—it does bring some sort of traffic to my otherwise sleepy site, but why can't regular people (who are not trying to sell things by adding their own links to the comments) leave positive messages? I guess I could appeal to more people if I wasn't so offensive sometimes, but that's not me.

For a while I was going in and deleting the comments, but it's a lot of work to keep up with so I have given up.

For now, I will just be glad someone from India or Mexico or France or Spain or New England (just kidding) want to leave comments, even if it is only to try to get my readers to link to their sites about the Samsung Galaxy. I'm an Apple person, so it doesn't affect me.

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