My first official birthday gift. This was given to me by a co-worker. See my old favorite mug looking shunned in the background?

Tomorrow's my birthday. I have tricked a large group of my friends- 14 in all - into having dinner Friday night at a local Mexican restaurant.

Let me interject a comment from my 16-year-old son here: "Mom, I am impressed you even have 14 friends."

 I called the restaurant to make a reservation last night and was told they are not taking reservations from 6-8 pm. We live in a college town and this is the first week back for students. Because of this, the restaurants will all be fairly full. The owner offered us a 4:30 time and I laughed. I'm not going to be so old that I have to eat during the early-bird specials. Then the owner offered me an 8 pm. I took this time but this morning I am looking at it in a different light.

Eight at night is kind of late for dinner. I usually eat before 7 and then by 8 I am pretty much done for. That's when I pull on the *give-up-on-life pants and settle down for the evening. So, the question now becomes: Am I too old to eat that late? Gosh, I sure hope not.

*My son's slang for sweatpants.