I was recently chatting with a friend of mine and admiring her no-nonsense, give it to you straight attitude, when I realized that I wanted to add that trait to my idea of the perfect me.

Perfect is a strange idea. Some people say there is no such thing as perfect, but aren't we always striving to reach some internal ideal of who we want to be? The perfect that fits us? The perfect enough?nThere are so many traits I wish I had, and that I continually work toward. Here's my list in progress. What's on your list to your perfect you?


When I'm the perfect me I will stop saying I'm sorry, unless I really am.

I will say what I think instead of of what I imagine others want to hear.

I will never doubt my abilities.

I will say no.

I will say yes.

I will say nothing.

I will listen to music more. 

I will accept help.

I will hug more.

When I'm the perfect me I will accept my gray hair as just one piece of the experiences I have lived.

I will visit my family more.

I will clean the house because it gives me a sense of accomplishment not because company is coming over.

I will confide my fears and anxieties without worrying about inconveniencing people.

I will love the skin I'm in and keep it healthy without listening to how others think I should look.

I will stay in bed that extra 10 minutes to enjoy the quiet and the warmth of my partner beside me.

I will walk the dog twice a day.

I will make eye contact.

I will write for myself- letting the words go out into the world without fear.

I will be strong.

When I am the perfect me I will be brave.