I'm working 4 10-hour days this summer, and it's taking a bit to get used to the shift in my schedule. I think I've taken a nap during my lunch every day this week. Tomorrow is my Friday though, and I have a four-day weekend ahead. Friday my husband and I are heading to Yakima, WA so he can give a lecture about his artwork. It's only a three-hour drive, but it gives me time to read. This week I am reading Nora Ephron's I Feel Bad About My Neck.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week, and that these help a little.

Not much for talking while in line at the grocery store, or anywhere for that matter? You might need this t-shirt on Jenny Lawson's (@thebloggess) online store.

I love Instagram. I always find the most creative people there. I admit, I am a little sad they changed their logo though. This week I followed a local Portland artist, @samlarson, a very funny woman @gemmacorrell, and because I like to find great coffee shops and places to work- @workhardanywhere

I found out this week that my 15-year-old daughter doesn't know what puff paint is. She has never experienced the pleasure you get from peeling the puff paint off your shirt, or jeans, or denim jacket, or shoes... If you're feeling nostalgic, you can get your fix by reading this Buzzfeed post.

My son recently bought a record player and has been purchasing some vinyl. I can't wait until he is here in a few weeks and we can peruse some of these amazing record stores in Portland.

I love this graphic about coffee vocabulary from different coffee places around the United States. I wish someone would make one about libraries or pizza parlors. 

I'm sure I've said how much I love the library system in Vancouver, but I it really is fantastic. My library card gives me access to tons of digital library loans that I have doubled my reading. There's even a branch in the mall, and it's open on Sunday. I think I will spend a bit of time there this weekend—The downtown location is spectacular.