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Friendly Service Ruined My Day

I go to different coffee shops to get different types of drinks- things a certain place does really well. I also go to certain coffee shops depending on what type of atmosphere I am in the mood for, or can tolerate.

i go to Dutch Bros when I feel like being bombarded with sunny personalities who ask too many questions and drool over my dog.

i go to Starbucks when I want to be presented with somber, mildly emo, barely happy to see me baristas.

And I go to our local coffee shop Bucer’s when I want to be judged and want to observe angst and personal questioning.

Today, I went to Starbucks and they ruined my day. The barista was working at Dutch Bros level times four. I’m worried Starbucks is following in McDonald’s footsteps and making ‘treat your customer like your friend’ a pre-requisite of employment. Ergh!

Cupid's Arrow Could Use a Polish


Cupid's Arrow Could Use a Polish

I love a good greeting card. Once upon a time, my dream was to become a greeting card writer. Valentine’s Day is approaching and there are so many cards. Some of them are okay, but none of them convey what I’m really feeling. I decided to design a few cards for the couples who are trying to be more honest with each other (and a little passive aggressive). Okay, to be honest with all of you, I designed these cards so I could give them to my own partner. Now that I read them to out loud though, I’m thinking there may be a better time than a romantic holiday to start being totally honest and up front about things.

1 copy 2.jpg
1 copy.jpg
1 copy 3.jpg
2 copy 2.jpg
2 copy.jpg
2 copy 3.jpg
everyday is like Valentine's!.jpg

Feel free to reproduce any of these for your own use. By the way, I made all fo these with Canva. I love that site so much. It makes me feel like a creative person who can do design, but really just does it for me. Check it out.