This last weekend was a whopping three days long. It was also Jon's birthday-- his 40th. In honor of his birthday, I stepped out of the house and let Jon, Kyle and Jon's brother play video games for more than 24 hours. I know- I'm that nice. It also gave me a chance to work a little and get some of my stuff done.

Saturday we had cake and ice cream and then Jon and I went to a fundraising dinner. The Moscow High School Bear Boosters have a dinner each year to raise money for sports at the school. This includes club sports, like my son's lacrosse team, which the boosters help financially. We hadn't planned on going, but at the last minute our friends asked if we wanted to fill in the seats at their table (someone had bought tickets but couldn't go).

I felt like a fish out of water. There was a silent auction before the dinner and everyone (they all knew each other) was mingling with drinks in their hands bidding hundreds of dollars on spa packages and tickets to various sporting events etc. When dinner came it was a pleasant surprise. Lots of good company and good conversation. Jon and I had ordered the beef medallion. My idea of a medallion of beef is that it is the size of a medallion. Not this beef. It was more like a beef plaque. The plate came with a ginormous slice of prime rib. It must have been an inch thick and 7 inches in diameter. Jon grunted in pleasure and I tried to figure out how best to eat it without looking like an indelicate pig (sitting next to the vegetarian who said it wouldn't be so bad to watch if the beef was free range).
This wasn't the actual dinner, but the meat looks pretty similar. You can see how this would be unappetizing to sit next to if you don't eat beef for personal reasons. Who am I kidding? This might make me drool even if I was a vegan who had never eaten meat before in my life.

We ended up having to cut the night short when Maggie missed her ride home from the ice skating rink. The weekend ended on a superb note though. Our friends Amy and Allan invited us to their home for dinner Sunday night. We had some of the best corned beef and cabbage and the night was so pleasant.

Good friends, good food, good conversation and a lot of laughter. What more could I ask for?